Swipe left- a reminder that you should never take yourself too seriously! HUGE SHOUTOUT to @dougtheelephantslayer and @sofletehq @dieliving for having us on (link is in the bio). Last pic is one of the best mf’ers on the face of the planet @stahler_61 - he’s truly talented in so many facets and without him helping in all aspects, I’d be lost. Tons of great stuff coming your way over the next several weeks. THANK YOU to everyone following for supporting our mission and can’t wait for you all to see and hear what we’ve got happening! Stay tuned! #lightattheendofthetunnel #silenceandlight @bfmc_clark_kent @fred.cowell.3 #jasoneverman @eaglesandangelsltd



Hallowed ground- the mighty B Co 3/75 aka “America’s Company). It was my home for the better part of 4.5 years and to think of the times spent there (both good and bad) makes it seem surreal. That’s the door I first walked into after Mogadishu. That’s the place I stood when hearing the news of deaths from training accidents. Those barracks were like a college dorm on steroids and the good times and low crawling up and down the hallways. #feelingnostalgic #75thrangerregiment #rangers #airborneranger #airbornerangers @75tharmyrangers @75th.rangers #ftbenning #ftbenningga #rangerrendezvous2019



@stahler_61 and I had the pleasure of hanging with the crew from @sofletehq - thanks a million to Aron (spelling?) and @dougtheelephantslayer for the hospitality- stay tuned, you’ll be hearing and seeing more about this in the next few days! #oops #iforgottohitrecord #weforgiveyou #greattimes #deepdive #talk #podcast #glamourshots



My new Air Force shout out guitar is like a stealth bomber- get it?



We just finished a very full few days shooting video and laying down 6 new tunes that’ll end up on our next album- We also shot some video for one of the songs on our soon to be released first album- stay tuned, shits about to get real- a special THANK YOU to Gary at @two14media and Tom with @kerr_precision_photo for capturing a ton of great stuff that you guys will see very soon! Give them a follow as they’re fellow vets! 🇺🇸 #silenceandlight #jasoneverman #jbradford @fred.cowell.3 @stahler_61



Down in Georgia at Ranger Rendezvous with my homie Jariko aka: @laidbackberserker - We went out to Cole Range which is where it all begins for those electing to try their skillz at becoming a Ranger. Also hit the Ranger Memorial and spent a little time reflecting on those who were a part of my life for so many years and shaped who I’ve become. Love you guys and wish I’d seen more of you here! Also got a lot of hang time with some amazing active Rangers (Max/Cooter/Mike/too many more to name) and I’m nothing but impressed and inspired by their professionalism and dedication to America. I’m proud to have come from such a great organization. Lastly, a pic of me and my homeboy Doc Young @rgr_yg375 - we spent a lot of years together and were roommates for quite a while too. We keep in touch but haven’t hung together since 1997 so I’m very appreciative of that! Love you brothers! Keep taking it to the bad guys! 🇺🇸 @75tharmyrangers #airborneranger #rangerrendezvous #75th #rangers #rangersleadtheway #army #silenceandlight #armyranger #jasoneverman #jbradford #3rdrangerbattalion #bco #americascompany



The boys getting after it- nothing but love and respect for those willing to step off the ramp (or doors in this case) and into the unknown risking their personal safety. Knees inna breeze! @75tharmyrangers #fryardz #rangers #75thrangerregiment



HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA 🇺🇸 from everyone in Silence & Light‼️We love America and all that she stands for - stay tuned much coming at you soon! Swipe left to see some Team America #america #july4th #independenceday #silenceandlight #happybirthday #greatestnation #army #jbradford #jasoneverman @stahler_61 @bfmc_clark_kent @fred.cowell.3



Favorite place on the planet- @wrightsvillenc - what’s your favorite place to unwind and get your mind straight? Thanks to @eaglesandangelsltd for the dope lid- thanks Flan! #beach #sand #sun #suntan #relax #focus #nc #northcarolina #wrightsvillebeach #wrightsvillebeachnc